Castellated beams

Castellated beams

Castellated beams are easily bent

The castellated beams manufactured by Composite Steel Beams are highly suitable for large spans with small loads.
The castellated openings are strong and lightweight. Castellated beams are assembled from 2 halves of the rolled profile, which means that castellated beams can be easily bent, angled and curved.

This makes castellated beams very suitable for use in sports halls, bridges, halls or even art objects. Curved castellated beams can be supplied in a variety of curves, such as circular, parabolic or elliptical.

Composite Steel Beams

  • Ideal for large spans
  • Easily curved beams
  • Various angles possible

Greater height, but lighter in weight

Despite its great height, the castellated beam is lightweight. The structure and height are easy to adjust according to client specifications. The many possibilities for running cables also make the castellated beam a very versatile steel product.

Elegant as visible elements

Mouw Hoedliggers' castellated beams are not only elegant and therefore frequently used as visible elements in constructions, they are also affordable and easy to assemble. The addition to, for example, ceiling systems or other construction elements is simple.

The main advantages of castellated beams are:

  • Architecturally sound, light and yet very strong
  • Easy installation of cabling
  • The beam can be bent
  • Flexible in height and structure
  • After demolition of a building, the steel can be re-used
castellated beams

The beams of Composite Steel Beams


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