Top-hat Beams

Top-hat Beams

Ideal for prefabricated floor panels

Mouw Hoedliggers' top-hat beams, also known as THQ beams, are primarily used when laying prefabricated floor panels.The integrated beams experience  The integrated beams experience little torsion and are ideally suited to absorbing the horizontal forces in a building.

Composite Steel Beams

  • Ideal for prefabricated floor elements
  • Minimal torsion
  • Can absorb horizontal forces
Top-hat beam

Less floor height, more space

Top-hat beams consist of 4 strips of steel: a wide bottom plate with two vertical body plates on top. A top plate is mounted in between. 

The top-hat beams are ideally suited for installing floor components in buildings: placing the components between the top-hat beams reduces the storey height and creates more space. When the beams are embedded in concrete together with hollow-core slabs, fire safety is also increased.

Top-hat beams absorb horizontal forces

An additional feature of the top-hat beam is its ability to absorb horizontal forces in a steel skeleton under wind load. If there is good cohesion between the hollow-core slabs, the entire floor acts as a disc and the forces can be dissipated in wind bracing.

The main advantages of top-hat beams are:

  • Low building height
  • More pipe space thanks to low floor height
  • Versatile and lightweight application in many suspension structures
  • Low design costs
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Easy fire-resistant preservation

All Mouw Hoed beams are made from S355 structural steel (normalized rolled). This type of steel has a higher strength, but is not more expensive than other types.

top-hat beams

The beams of Composite Steel Beams


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