Sigma Beam

Sigma Beam

Innovative steel-concrete beam

The Sigma Beam is the crown jewel of Mouw Hoedliggers. It is an innovative steel-concrete beam that, with all the advantages of the standard top-hat beam, can be used in slender floor structures.

The most important advantages of the Sigma Beam are:

  • Flexible cutting positions
  • Up to 60 minutes fire resistance without additional measures
  • More cost-effective than standard top-hat beams
  • Production of basic profiles in batches, so that they are always in stock

Composite Steel Beams

  • Innovative top-hat beams
  • Up to 60 minutes fire resistant
  • Batch production
Sigma beam

Standard profiles with custom finishing

The standard profiles for the Sigma Beam beams are manufactured and assembled according to customer specifications and, if necessary, fitted with recessed holes or extra bulkheads to increase the shear force capacity.

It is also possible to add additional angled rails to the Sigma Beam to support floors. A unique option is also to mount an anchor rail that allows for last minute positioning of rebars. 

The full strength of the Sigma Beam is derived from the profile. After installation, the final strength is reached immediately, which makes stamping redundant in most cases.

Up to 60 minutes fire resistance

Thanks to the special holes in the top flange of the Sigma Beam, the concrete fills all remaining spaces. This makes the floor construction fire resistant for up to 60 minutes according to EN 1365-3 efectis NED, without the need for additional measures with costly coatings. Sigma Beam beams are therefore more cost-efficient than standard top-hat beams.

The Sigma Beam beams are available in 4 heights: 200, 265, 320 and 400 mm. All standard details of the Sigma Beam beams are available in the Technosoft software, including calculations. 

All Mouw Hoed beams are made from S355 structural steel (normalized rolled). This type of steel has a higher strength, but is not more expensive than other types.

Sigma Beam


The beams of Composite Steel Beams


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